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    Novar PC-ESS to ESS 32

    Got a backup off a very old workstation today. Its on a novar system using a ec 4040 executive controller.

    I restored the backup to my comp running a fairly modern version of ess 32 and it gave me a message that I need to update the system files.

    The files are 3.71 and I believe its not ESS but PC ESS.

    Anyhow, I updated the files to the current revision and the system opens in ESS 32 but I dont show any module or load information. It shows the job, comm parameters and other settings....but shows 0 loads and no module or inputs.

    Was wondering if someone could give me a quick primer in getting this version to open in my current ess or if someone could send me a version of ess or pc ess that I can open and examine the files in.

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    I have a similar problem....did you ever find a solution?

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