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Thread: Katrina

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    Of course I feel for these people who are going to be affected. but at the same time I can't help but be interested in this. I am switching betweeen all the channels trying to get the latest.

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    It's ugly, my prayers are with those people. This storm doesn't seem to have any sense of fair play at all, it could very well be the worst disaster, natural or otherwise in the history of the United States of America,

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    They are now saying the storm has shifted to the west & the eye will go directly over New Orleans.

    Makes you sick to your stomach to think what might happen.

    I hope your parents & family got out ok John.
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    Whay isn't the US army, national guard, air force, marines, down there flying these people out of there, I see they are trying to cram the less fortunate people into the frigen superdome. These people need to be taken out of there and brought to a safe haven, where the hell is the government.

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    I believe they have evacuation plans and it would mean people starting to leave 72 hours before the hit is expected.

    These projected paths are better these days but still in the ball park at best.

    It would seem that they take all the computer models, draw a cone around them and put the official path right down the middle.

    From what I have observed the UK Met model has had the best batting average this season

    Its hard to get people to give the order ahead of time to evacuate, Florida seems quick to do it now and they are very gun shy.

    Watch how fast the evac order comes next time in Louisiana
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    I was around 11 years old when Camille hit the gulf coast. My uncle commanded the Seabees stationed along the strike zone. My uncles house was on the beach. There was a home billed as hurricane proof down the street from him. I remember seeing a picture of the house after the storm. All that was left were the front door steps and the man there was dead. My uncles home was all gone with every thing in it and he never saw his car again. I think the picture of the hurricane proof house with the steps left was in Time magazine.

    I feel so sorry for these people. I fear a lot of people are going to die. I love New Orleans and that area.

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    I think anyone living in the hurricane belt should rebuild with concrete
    The way we build has a greater impact on our comfort, energy consumption and IAQ than any HVAC system we install.

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    I just heard that they are using the New Orleans Superdome for shelter and now the roof is leaking.

    Can we get a volunteer to climb up there and patch that hole

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    Looks Like the Katrina and the waves
    made a last minute turn toward
    the NE and will only hit the big easy with a glancing blow, not a direct hit which could have been devastating.

    From what CNN has been reporting the levees have been holding so far

    It is look out time for Gulf Shore and Biloxi Mississippi
    which are just to the east of the eye and that is where the most destruction will be

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