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    Man nabbed at Wal-Mart for handcuff prank

    CONWAY, N.H. (AP) -- They say you can get just about anything at Wal-Mart, including arrested. Police say employees at a Wal-Mart called to report a young man was in the store on Tuesday in an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs, asking for a hacksaw.

    It turns out Joha Turner, 18, of Pittsburg, hadn't escaped from anywhere. He told police it was a prank. They told him he was under arrest, for disorderly conduct.

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    Smile Hey doglips!

    Thats my kind of man. Just have fun with a differant twist. Did he steal or hurt anyone? If not no problem. Joha Turner would fit in well with the guys at Hvac-Talk! Roy

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    Joha Turner would fit in well with the guys at Hvac-Talk!

    Yea but Dash would take the handcuff keys and make him Beg to unlock them

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