Hey Payson....
Im an AZ tech as well, and your post brought a similar all I had to mind, since, in this case, I was crawling around in an attic from about 330 to 7pm as well.
Sorry no pics, but I get a call set for after noon, with no info as to what type of unit or where its located but its leaking.
I get there about 330pm, the home is in the process of a remodel, the units, yes 2,are in the attic 12' above, outside temp over 100, thermometer that I set on one of the units read 135. Had to crawl over and under trusses/braces to get to the units. The units were set in pans, just on the the trusses, no sheeting, exposed to the crushed newspaper insulation! The pans were filled/overflowing with water and the insulation. The primaries were draining to the pan! Painters had been running both units all day with all the windows and doors open! Had to scrape all the insulation out, stuff in trash bags and haul it out, then try to blow out the drains. Trouble was drains dont blow out real well when the damn pvc joints arent even glued! Found another source of leaks was from electrician running new wiring may have kicked loose some of the unglued condensate drains. So I glued the total of about 60' secondary condensate line, then ran another 60' of primary, and in the interim, to allow for drying and to haul out the wet insulation, I climed out to get with the HO to bring him up to speed and to let him know he needed to get the contractor out to fix all the other issues. Oh yeah, I did blow out all the condensate lines to make sure they were clear.

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