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    The name of the unit is Melco "rooftop unit"

    I am told these date back to the late 60s. THese four units are on a mall that was built between 1970-72. All four units are no longer used.

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    If they are no longer being used, rip that name badge off and send it to me :-)

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    Melco unit

    I have a customer in Houston who has one of these units.
    Talk about a Work Horse. I have photos of it but am unable to upload them. This unit is a 25 H.P. 460 volt and holds 68 LBS of R-22. The biggest problem I have is the customer doesn't change filters often enough.

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    Nice. Is that a POS Carrier behind it?

    Actually, I have to hold my tounge there.
    Carrier has been one stinking pile since they made the ever dependable 50YQ-xxx, etc RTU's!

    The new RTU's, even the commercial ones, are turds at times.

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    Yes in harrisburg Pa. in the 90's
    Saddle Up!

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    Yeah. the compressor is under that sheetmetal cover
    and it has a belt-driven condenser fan. I worked on a rooftop that had four of these, two with bad heat exchangers (gas-fired units). They ended up getting junked
    in favor of some new Lennox L-Series units.

    Definitely a bit different design than an anything I had
    previously seen.

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    Until about two years ago had five under contract, lost the contract on renewal. Units are a simple design, control systems have usually been hacked around. Heat is normally provided by a Reznor(if I remember correctly) unit built into the Melco.
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    Originally posted by amickracing
    If they are no longer being used, rip that name badge off and send it to me :-)

    I will ask the mall management if i can get a couple of nameplates.

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    Yep worked on many of them. Have not seen one this year but did 6 last year. A real work horse.

    You think a new Carrier will hold up that long?

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    Originally posted by rennsport

    I will ask the mall management if i can get a couple of nameplates. [/B]
    Frig that... All your rooftop belong to us...

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    used to have account with that unit marlton nj. whole roof was full of them. last time i saw it was early 90s customer sold business.

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    YAAAEEEAAHHH! that sucka can probably whoop a$$ on any unit out there today!

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