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    I recantly purchased my first home.
    The furnace is @ 30 years old.
    The AC unit is 18 years old.

    It's a 1953 Ranch, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, with 1/2 basement.
    1162 sqft not counting the basement. It's in central Ohio.

    I was looking to replace the floor vents when I stumbled across the Hi Velocity systems (never knew such things existed). They really interest me, as I would love to have the HVAC vents off the floor. The rooms are small by todays standard, so floor vents really impact furnature placement. Also the idea of one that could handle all the HVAC needs of the house from the attic would free up a ton of space in my basement. (The attic is not tall enough to really be a usefull space)

    Now, to the question.
    I have searched and searched on the web and in these forums. Everyone states that they are more expensive than standard Lo Velocity equipment. Given the above information, I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough ball park estimate as to the price premium HiV would carry over replacing the existing setup with newer models?

    Now, I'm not looking for a $ figure, just a % estimate. I don't want to waste someone's time coming out too look at my house only to hear that it's going to be 2x my budget. Are these things 25%, 50%, 100% more expensive?

    Given the way the house is, I figure the install would be fairly simple.

    Thanks, and I appologise if this breaks the rules. I tried my best to find this info with out needing to post.


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    I'm curious as to where you found the info on the hi velocity stuff. I thought it was just a regular unit with a higher speed fan motor (or a regular speed fan motor with a larger capacity blower wheel) and a VFD so you can adjust the speed. Doesn't sound that much more expensive to me, but I'm an electrical guy, not a HVAC tech.

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    My info came from:
    Unico (
    Spacepak (
    Energy Saving Products, LTD (
    some googled websites, and these forums

    Basically, you are right. It's a stronger blower and slightly deeper coils. Aside from that I cannot figure out what would lead it to be that much more expensive. However, all the threads on this board state that it is.

    I found that when I called someone off Spacepac's website, that they were a distributor, and they gave me someone else to call. That shop only sold to contractors, and told me to call a contractor. The contractor they gave me didn't answer the phone. So there seem to be a few middle men involved. (one more than I would have expected) This would drive the cost up some. Spacepak > distributer > distributer > Contractor

    But aside from that... I've got no other information.

    Any of you HVAC guys want to toss us a bone?


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    Small Duct High Velocity

    Just got back from a UNICO certification training session. Here is what I can offer.

    The air handler has two major unique components. The blower is a high speed unit (about twice the statndard rpm).

    The coils are 3 to 4 row coils and operate at a very low sensible heat ratio- this means these things really dehumidify.

    The 2" duct and outlets deliver air at a high velocity and when installed per instructions are virtually undetectable from a noise standpoint. The high velocity also causes the room air to mix and keeps an even temo from floor to ceiling.

    I guess a big factor regarding price is the intense labor manufacturing process. The duct is a lot more than meets the eye. It is made to be smooth inside, dampen air noise, and be strong enough to handle the higher pressures. This is a manual process.

    These units are great for applications that have limited or almost no space for convential sized duct. Another advantage is the small outlets can be almost blended into the interior design.

    As you might expect, I am partial to UNICO. There are four HVSD manufactures that I know of. Beware, not all of them are equal. Compare the duct material. Determine if it is directional. If it is not it may restrict the air flow, produce noise, and damage the inner lining if installed backwards to the air flow. This is not too hard to do. As I understand it, there are no arrows or other indicators for the installer.

    UNICO has a great selfcontained heat pump chiller/"boiler" on the market. It may be what you are looking for.

    These systmes are not for everyone, but can solve a lot of application problems.

    Good luck...

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    Two of my neighbors have them. They are installed 3 story houses built in the 1600's. There is virtually no noise and the outlet vents are small holes in the ceiling.
    Some rooms have one vent larger rooms have two.

    While you are in the rooms I can't feel any air moving or drafts so that is a plus. What I will say is that these units required complete runs of ducts all the way through the house, so if you have exisitng duct work it probably won't work with it.

    Also these neighbors have hot water baseboard heat, so heat is not comming out of these ducts, only cool air.

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    Can't give you a good % increase in cost to install, because it varies too much by the amount of the plenum duct, and the supply duct, both are expensive.

    40 to 60 percent would not be unusual.

    I prefer spac pak, the unit is smaller, and takes up less space in tight attics.
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    Red face Unico-Mini Split

    The Unico systems work very well here in Texas I have help install and serviced several different homes.

    Yankee Barn home was truck to site and we designed ductwork according to Unico. About 8 drops per ton of air,but this will very according to length.

    Inside Unico horizontals with strip heat back-up.
    American Standard Heat Pumps 2.0 downstairs ,2.5 upstairs and 3.0 main living aream with 28ft.ceiling height.
    Went back once after start-up to check Thermostat problem and running for 2 years now.Customer very happy with systems.
    Cost wise they are a little bit more for duct take off's and equipment.
    And must be done by Unico trained contractor.

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    We do install quite a few but the cost is higher because the materils cost more to purchase,there is sometimes some labor or the space calls for this type system because of fan coil or duct size.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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