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    I'm in the process of purchasing a new heat pump system for my home. I posted earlier today regarding obtaining a load calculation. I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to determine which companies/contractors have good installations? I have spoken to neighbors and I seem to get alot of different names. Will most companies provide me with a customer referral list?? What questions should I be asking?? Thanks!

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    I would think that most contractors would give you a list of people they have done work for but not phone #

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    I don't know of any companies in my area that don't have a refferal list, which does include the phone numbers.
    remmember, all these people where asked if they could be used as a refferal. So you won't be given any bad refferals by the names provided by the company.
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    Are there any specific questions I could ask the sales representative/technician that would give me an idea regarding good installation practices? Procedural or otherwise. Thanks.

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