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    Soldering is a 600 degree joint, on this site that is what we will call a plumbers reach of knowledge! Don't use this crap on HACR equipment please, save it for your water pipes!

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    Originally posted by cem-bsee
    a joint in piping with slip over joints must have the joint filled with the joining material -- whether chemical solvent for plastic or solder for copper piping or brazing -- not true for welding -- else the contact surface will be too small.

    brazing will give a stronger joint than soldering

    lots of other threads herein about this subject!

    joining is an art, material selection is a science.

    whether doing water piping or electrical joints, including circuit boards for the past 50 yr, I have ALWAYS heated the coupling socket or terminal to draw in the solder. Usually I have cleaned both items first, use rosin paste, then tinned both.
    I might appear a bit biased here ... but this post SHOULD have closed the thread.
    This one and the one by Craig1 about the stuff inside is what counts and the stuff outside is not what is doing the work.

    We all realise you are talking about hi temp brazing and not soft soldering.

    For the most part, anything in the low temp range is an art which is not taught today nor practiced very much.
    I am NOT speaking of soldering copper water pipes together.
    I am talking about joining ACR tubing using a silver bearing solder, like Stay-Brite # 8 or maybe #10. (never used #10, just heard about here from a guy)

    Most guys in general, use 15% brazing rod. Unless they are on a construction crew where somebody who doesnt weld/ brase or use tools ... has selected the materials everyone uses.
    Then they use 5%.
    And believe u men ... it takes an "aquired taste" to get used to using that garbage.
    Even 6% is SO MUCH superior ... there is just no comparison.
    5% shouldnt even be produced, not at the cost of 6% and how well that rod flows with capilary action.

    bottom line, listen to what those guys have been telling you. And that so called instructor of yours .... I hope he didnt quit his day job.
    Either that or I hope you mis-understood him.

    Cause he was wrong, wrong, wrong.

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    10-4 good buddy....clear as crystal.....Not sure why everyone got off on the water pipe sweating procedure....Will always draw 15% into the joint from now on


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    I will be near/at Eglin this Dec. My brother is stationed there. I'll try to drop by the shop so you can put a face with a name.

    The retired military guys are great trainers I am sure you make a great contribution and keep the young guys in line, thanks.
    “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own." Scott Adams

    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
    Albert Einstein

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