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    The company I work for is considering going with airtime 500. This past weekend, one of the owners and myself attended one of their "Legends of Profits" weekend, to see what we thought of their association. I thought some of there ideas and strategies were interesting and could be productive. I don't know if we would use all they have to offer. I thought the cost was very high also. Our company is unique in the fact that the company has been around for 120 years as a commercial HVAC company. Only in the last 8 years have they focused on developing a real residential department. So I think some of what they offer we would not use (billing, accounts payable) and therefore not use everything we are paying for. Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts about this organization. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Sign up as a professional and have this thread moved to the business and marketing section for pros only where people can talk more specifics concerning this.

    There are several threads pertaining to Airtime on the board here.

    This area of residential is only to be used for giving advice to homeowners, and talking differences of equipment.

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    at 500 is for crooks that only care about themselves. at500 belongsin hell..

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    Sorry shouldn't post it here. I am not a pro member so I couldn't post it in those boards. but should be deleted. Should stay in the trade.

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