I have an LNS 3.02 Lonworks IP852 network consisting of an iLON100e3 with IP852 enabled and two iLON600s (version 1.06.01). The iLON100 and one of the 600s are on the LAN. Another 600 is connected via the web. Config Server is showing all the devices in green and communicating across the NATs but I can't communicate with the remote (web side) 600 via LNS. I can change my network interface to the remote 600 (as RNI) and connect to it that way, but then I lose the other channels. THIS USED TO WORK! All the appropriate ports are forwarded at both ends. I'm currently using the 100 as an RNI. The 600 is showing plenty of IP configuration packets, but no IP-side Lontalk packets. Anybody got a clue?