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    new to the site, semi new to the field

    Hello everyone, just thought i would drop in on the newbie thread...ive been browsing and this seems like a good site with a ton of information. so a little bit about myself, my entire family owns a hvac business or went there separate ways in the hvac field, ive been doing hvacr for 3 years now legally but been around it my entire life, i went to a hvac school but felt i was way further educated and wasnt learning much else for the money, i left my family business in december to work at ford and just recently took another job with a bigger hvac company, so needless to say im hooked, hope to get some good advice and hopefully help answer some questions on here!!!

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    Welcome here!

    Great place. You'll find a lot of helpful info in the pro and educational sections once you get pro membership.

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    Welcome EH!

    Look forward to reading your posts.....

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