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I installed this unit 2 years ago. RPMC-030/RBHK21J

Customer complains of high humidity and the wood floors are buckeling so bad the front door won't open.

RA 42.8%RH and 71.9 DB
SA 58.8%RH and 53.8 DB (sorry no WB, mine broke)
OA 68 DB (a cool day and not a good time to check a/c

HO's hygrometer reads 68%

Dehumidifier (in living room) reads between 50-55%

House is shaded most days and temps have been in the 90's with high humidity (60%).

Vapor barrier in crawl is present but not a solid sheet, no standing water in crawl.
Any help or ideas are welcome.
Are the crawlspace vents open to the outside? With the vents open to the outside, the crawl dew point is the same as outside. As the air's dew point in the crawlspace nears the temperature of the wood floor, the moisture content of the floor rises. At the bottom of the floor the %RH is +80%-100%. Wood responds to %RH and is wetter on the bottom than the top and warps(cupps up). The dehu is on the wrong side of the floor. Close the crawlspace vents, check the vapor barrier, and dry the crawl to 50%RH. The floor will return slowly.
Get a real dehu like the Santa Fe Advance 90 pint in the for upto 2,500 sqft. of crawlspace. Keeping the crawl <50%RH will help dry the entire home. Dehu salesman TB