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    American Tool Supply?

    I clicked on one of the advertisers on this site. American Tool Supply ( I've never heard of them (that don't mean anything of course) ...prices seem low..but don't recognize any of the equipment manufactures names I do Fluke and others , again that may or may not mean anything as I'm still learning and usually very confused.

    So does anyone know about this company? Are the tools any good? Or is this just a online version of harbor freight?

    Thanks all
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    Harbor Frieght knock off!!!!!! I must admit I have bought a few tools from harbor Freight They were odd ball Items you use once every 10 years.

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    so how did you like the service?

    Was the shipping up to par?

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    I bought some laser temp testers and some tubing benders. One of the benders broke and they sent me another one no charge, no questions asked.

    Service seems good to me.

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