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    Data Center Belt Residue

    I have a customer that claims there is a a low wear belt recommended for Data Centers. He get his Data Center Cleaned once a year and is telling me that the belts I have been using on the maintenance are releasing to much belt dust causing his Data Center to get dirty. What is a good brand of belt to use in a Data Center that will release less belt dust/residue. I have been using the Gates brand and have everthing at the correct belt tension and alignment. My sheaves and pulleys are in good shape no deep groove or signs of slippage. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    thats a first for me. The only time I have seen belts give off enough junk to cause complaints was caused by the pulley.
    We use BX belts from Browning. Are you sure it is the belt? Do you have belt residue around the fan? Does the indoor blower run all the time? Is belt/pulley system properly sized?

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    Why not offer to upgrade them to synchronous belts? Always look at every job as an opportunity to upsell.

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    I use the Liebert VT belts on everything I can, they are a low stretch, low dust belt and are matched sets. They are made by browning for Liebert units. I can't say enough about these things. Also I recommend (if you have not already) get rid of any variable pitch pulleys and any that have grooves starting, they're just a belt grinder. Put in fixed pitch and put the time in to align the pulleys right. That also means that you may have to shim the backside of the motor to compensate for the pull of the belts. You know you did it right when you come back on the next maintenance and the paint has not worn off the pulleys yet.

    If you have any questions you can e mail me and I can send you some VP to fixed pitch conversion paperwork.
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    I have run into this exact problem before. 12 CRAC's running and somebody decided to save 5$ a pair a buy cheap belts. 2 months later we have black dust build up on the inlets of our servers. We moved to coggless belts, laser pulley/sheave alignment, and I think Goodyear belts. Also replaced all pulley's sheaves that appeared to have any "grooving" whatsoever. Worked for us, but I don't have a specific belt recommendation that is purely "dust free"

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    We are on i data center facility but i am not sure of what belt they are using..

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    liebert belts?

    g' day fridgies
    As all the other guys have said, dont go cheap on the belts, make sure all pulleys are in good nick, and are alighned properley.

    What are the liebert vt belts I have never heard of them and UI have only seen emerson put on normal gates belts.did you get the belts from emerson? I used to look after a site that had 50 cracker units and the dust was starting to become an issue. some one before me had up sized the belts from A section to B section belts to stop the dust, this had a secondry effect of making the motors pull more amps and up goes power consumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klrogers View Post
    Why not offer to upgrade them to synchronous belts? Always look at every job as an opportunity to upsell.


    yes he's right! Data Center will get more efficient if the components are periodically changed and upgraded.. the newer the better.

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    any belt should be fine. get a tab company to check your shivs and alignment. the wear could be due to misalignment

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