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    That small pair (6"?) of needle nose vice grips is handy.

    Take apart a folding allen wrench/torx set and use the vice grips as a driver. Great for hard to reach set screws. Also works as a temporary clamp.

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    Whelp Guess I miss read the post about the 6-1 and 10-1 screwdrivers....have to go back a reread them. As it is I stand corrected and now correctly informed.
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    Originally posted by NedFlanders
    No offense Dave , but for fun I'm always teasing a contruction foreman because he has a 10 in 1.
    I always say " what , 6 in 1's not cool enough for you , you had to have 10? ".

    How lazy can you be?
    What's in it ? big/little phillips/flathead/-5/16-1/4-9/64-7/46 -torx-tiewire-leaklock dispenser.....we go on and on..we are so silly.

    Gotta admit though , I'm jusy jealous.
    I'm just rollin' hard with my 6 in 1 .
    The 10 in 1 ain't cool enough, really. I'd buy a 30 in 1.

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    I use my 10/1 in all leaking water calls I have a bucket with cutters and pvc fiting and take my 10/1 and thats all I need

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Generally speaking, when ya get out in the field, any tool like that, 6 in 1 screwdrivers or multipurpose gizmos advertised by Bob Villa, any other time saving multifunction device......they suck.
    I do not agree with this.....I would guess that %75 of my service calls could be done with my cresent 7 in one & a multimeter!and my leatherman NEVER leaves my side!
    Take your time & do it right!

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    My Leatherman leaves my side more than the old "johnson" leaves my sho..... nevermind....

    but I've worn out six leathermans... but only purchased one. It's used that often... and yeah, sometimes it's not used for the purpose it was intended. (THE LEATHERMAN - I was referring to!)

    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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