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    WOW that worked!! What else do you recommend?

    Spent the day at school taking apart and putting back together old split system and window unit. After reading some post I picked up a Husky 6-1 screwdriver and tossed it in my book that worked great....saved a lot of time and frustration looking thought the schools tool boxes for tools (told not to bring our own tool boxes to use schools real reason given....before someone ask why use the schools tools ).

    So any other recommended super duper must have tools I should go and get??
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    Generally speaking, when ya get out in the field, any tool like that, 6 in 1 screwdrivers or multipurpose gizmos advertised by Bob Villa, any other time saving multifunction device......they suck.
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    Diceman is right. I had a teacher in tech school who swore by the "six in one" screwdriver... he had no clue, never worked a day in the field.

    Best thing to do is to look around, and see what the other mechanics are using. On my first day on the job, I went to an HVAC supply house right after work, and bought myself long, and short 1/4", and 5/16" magnetic nut drivers.

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    I love to see the new guys on the job ohhh so proud when they pull out their Gerber tools or Leathermans just to find out they could have bought something worth having

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    I like the Vaco DUH-4 reversing screw driver.

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    I've become partial to the Klein 10-in-1.

    Torx and square on one end, flats and phillipseseseses on the other, plus the 1/4 and 5/16 nutdrivers.

    Well made, and not bulky compared to the cheapos I've seen in the past.

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    Same here with my Klien 10-in-1. I need to take it in and get a new philips part though... the ole arms make too much torque for it I guess.

    If I had a lot of screws to take it, that isn't the way, but sometimes it's nice having just about every kind of screwdriver with you, since a lot of people like to use one of every kind of screw when putting something together.

    You might also be able to find a needle nose pliers that also has a few wire strippers on it too, kinda handy if you are trying to not have many tools.

    Maybe a small crecent wrench that opens big (sears has a few that are good).

    Add a half a roll of duct tape, a paper clip, some gum and a swiss army knife and you should be able to fix anything you'd ever run across..... or at least blow it up ;-)

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    No offense Dave , but for fun I'm always teasing a contruction foreman because he has a 10 in 1.
    I always say " what , 6 in 1's not cool enough for you , you had to have 10? ".

    How lazy can you be?
    What's in it ? big/little phillips/flathead/-5/16-1/4-9/64-7/46 -torx-tiewire-leaklock dispenser.....we go on and on..we are so silly.

    Gotta admit though , I'm jusy jealous.
    I'm just rollin' hard with my 6 in 1 .

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    After a bit... you'll ditch the multi tasking - batman untility belt tools and carry a tool bag, tool box, or a tool pouch - with all the usual things you need to properly do you job. Then you'll get severe back pains from dragging the equivelent of your work van/truck up a ladder... because you have all the proper tools with you.

    Proper thing.

    You know... the craziness that old dogs such as myself.... and really really really really really OLD dogs like Diceman... subscribes to.

    It's all good.
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    But I'm pretty partial to my "Leatherman" pliers... the Supertool... Makes up for my inadequacy in other areas....

    Like cooking and such....
    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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    I always bring my 6 in 1, flashlight and meter (including jumper wires, K-type thermocouple and alligator clip adapters) with me when I first go into a customers house. I can troubleshoot 95% of my calls with this setup. Once I have the troubleshooting done, I go to the truck and get whatever fancy tools and/or parts (if any)that I need. Saves me lots of trips to the truck.

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    Originally posted by condenseddave
    Well made, and not bulky compared to the cheapos I've seen in the past.
    I'm not really a 6 in 1, or a 10 in 1 screwdriver kind of guy, but the Klein is pretty nice.

    Just watch how much you torque on the 1/4-5/16 nut drivers... they will become distorted and not go back in the handle.

    If no one else has experienced this problem, then I will just say "I'm one tough MF!"

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    Originally posted by outside rep
    camera, pad of paper
    If you had a good camera, you wouldn't need the pad of paper.

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