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    I was just wondering where some of you went on the internet to check weather information.
    I like to know if I might run into a rain shower in the middle of brazing during an install.

    I like one called:

    Their home page is:

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    Intellicast is okay.


    Type in any zip code there and it will take you to a page listing weather stations in or near that zip code with up to date weather info. Has a good radar, also.
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    I use both of them plus which has an incredible amount of info on it.

    One of our local stations has a great live radar on the web, we watch it very carefully for the boys. If they see the least of a gray cloud, they'll be crying.

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    i use and both are very accurate and easy to use. never use their forcasts are not nearly as accurate.

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    773 is the best site give you all the radars and weather reports.
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    The weather forecasting in my area is terrible. In some areas of the country they can tell you within an hour when rain will move in or out but the mountains west of here can hold up weather from moving in and make reliable forecasting difficult. The national weather service has radars across the country that can be accessed easily. The arrows on the left side allow you to browse neighboring radar sites. Here's a link.

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    If you use the Firefox browser, there is an extension called forecastfox you can download for free, that can put accuweater info for your zip code in the status bar at the bottom of the browser screen.
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