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    New career re-boot and Hello

    Just signed up on this site, I am hoping to get a lot of good information concerning what is going on in the HVAC/R world and where new opportunities are. I am 35 years old with experience in facility maintenance and operations but have no formal HVAC/R training. I am contemplating joining my local UA union here in Anchorage AK or doing night school for the next 2 years in a heating and refrigeration program. Tomorrow is my interview at the Local 367 for the HVAC/R apprenticeship, but I do feel a kinda old to be considering a 5 year apprenticeship. If anyone has suggestions I am all ears, Thanks!

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    After being in the civil engineering/surveying/construction layout and site development field for 35 years (I am now 51), I am also having a mid-life "change of majors". Hence the phonetic spelling of my screen name. I am about to graduate from a technical college with an HVAC diploma.

    35 years old, ha I got a daughter who will turn 32 later this month.

    Good luck. BTW you are never too old for school. In our class there where students from their late teens to 60 years old and everything in between.

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    The statement below is my signature and just my overall feeling towards our industry and does not necessarily pertain to you nor this thread.

    There really isn't a legitimate excuse for not doing the job correctly!

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    Thanks Midlyph for the encouraging words! I just finished with my union apprenticeship interview this morning. They are accepting 20 applicants, but there were over 50 interviews scheduled today... puts my chances at less than 50%. I'm not sure about going Union anyhow, I asked about reducing my 5 year apprenticeship with my work history and got a muted response about the process involved in documenting everything. So I guess If I do get in I should assume I will have to serve the full 5 years before reaching Journeyman status.
    Keeping my current job as a Maintenance supervisor at a hotel and doing night classes for HVAC/R may be the better path after all. Anyhow, thanks for the good words and greetings

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    Welcome to the board!

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