Hello all.. I'm a newbie to this forum and glad I found it.
After 22 years of working for someone else, I've gone out on my own..
I work in IAQ and HVAC Cleaning business (Yes I can hear it from you guys already) LOL. But I really do enjoy it, and I love meeting and working with new people..
I have many questions for you guys and I know I will have many in the future.. Looking forward to spending my downtime on this site

So hear we go...my first question
On HVAC cleaning projects the blower needs to be removed at times. In the past my previous employer expected me to do this work even though I am not an electrician. I do know a lot about AC and DC electrical, but I believe in Washington State that you must have an electrical license?

Also, since I started my own business I want to do everything right.
I have emailed-called many of the HVAC business in my area asking them to work with me and do these "blower pulls" and even annual service on the furnace at the same time... And no one ever calls or emails me back??
Do you guys just hate HVAC cleaners or something??

Thanks in advance