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    OK here it goes
    I replaced a frigidaire evap coil model HA79460E227C292200
    WITH MODEL HE50460E215 B2722AP
    now The factory charge on the condenser was 145 oz with 15 feet line set, well this was in a third floor at attic long line set to evap i added for the 80 feet line set.
    thing worked fine.
    I installed it on tuesday pulled a vacuum on it 6 x and shot it with nitrogen 5 x
    cleaned line set out good.
    was running great when i left.
    now homeowner called me today said breaker was tripping,not cooling.
    I go there outside fan runs but comp does not check the capacitor got 76 on one side 5 on the other but capacitor terminals are rusted clean em off still does not work.
    figure i should replace it tomorrow.
    ok but thing is this homeowner had a leak in the evap had two other contractors out there before me both of them charged it up it lost the charge in 3 days each time when i went there i did not charge it i found leak in evap end told em had to be replaced but.
    when i first went there i had my gauges on it it was running and gauges were at zero, think it is just a done compresser and im going to look like the bad guy.
    i pulled cover off wires going to compressor ohm out start winding run and common ok good wires ok toochecked voltage to disconnect 247v.
    checked voltage on other side of contactor good 247v but no compressor on only fan.
    compressor was not hot either to indicate going out on overload.
    so it must be the capacitor i hope or comp is burnt shorted and ohm reading just ah well any way any thoughts

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    I just had one last week the I checked . I omed out the terminals on the compressor and the ohm reading looked ok . after asking a few questions about it , it was suggested that I use a megger to ohm out the compressor---turns out the compressor had bad windings ,

    but you must be thinking about the other two contractors that came out, there was a good reason they didnt want any part of fixing it .

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    southern illinois
    did you check terminals to ground?,....i would try replacing the cap,.....i don't think a 5-ton frigidaire calls for 76 mfd....

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    before you replace it, try a kick start.

    Then advise them that you may have to replace it.

    It was run too long with the leak they had in it.

    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    kick start did not work also capacitor did not work even checked wiring again going to compressor it is just done
    thanks for your replys

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    REPLACED with payne model PA10JA60000AGAA new unit everything is working good now
    had to add little extra refrigerant to make this match up work good
    glad to be done with that one

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