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    Just picked up a CON-768 BT but it keeps crashing my PC? I connect easily to the CON via Port 11(shows connection) then in Orca 3.33 R2 under Mstp connection, port 11 shows up and I choose it then the bad Blue screen shows up?

    I'm using a D-Link USB BlueTooth DBT-122.

    Any suggestions?

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    From conversations I have had the CON-768BT doesn't like external USB BT connections. Recently we got new touchscreen laptops issued to some of the technicians and had an issue with the Win7 driver, installing WinXP drivers seemed to have cleared up that issue. Try installing XP drivers and see if that helps in your case as well, if you are running XP disregard.

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    Our whole branch uses the IOTech BT dongle for our CONBT. They work great with 7 and XP.

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    Thanks. That's good to know. I got it to work perfect on another PC.
    Do either of you have the patch to use it for 3.30?


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    I picked up a new Blue Tooth Dongle, Rocket Fish. Works now on my thinkPad. All good.

    Still could use the Patch for it to work with V3.30. Any Delta reps out there uneasy of sending it to me can send me a private message and you can email it to me. It would be greatly appreciated.

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