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Hey Vietanh:

You said so base on what facts? I can 100% guarantee you that there are rules in every part of this world even I've not been around it. A country cannot be called a country if there is no rule. You are so funny.
HeHEHE I am really fun guy well that true when I in charge of over view an project in Khu ky nghe Bien hoa when I said any thing base on rules of standard safety or any thing They look like I am from another plan net who care what the rules I know Vietnam have their old rule but what it make way faster make more money that the way do it , just like everyday the traffic if Vietnam people follow the rules It will look nice and do not look feel like the disaster and death so terrible ,and have you have been in US or another country ,the problem is our Vietnamese people are not admit doing wrong ,do not care anything if it come for money ,free stuffs ,just an example I am living in here what ever I drink 1.2 bottle of Beer I really afraid get caught by Police if I am driving home 1st offense cuff your hand and you go to jail right away if they find out I am off limit that a rule ,when I am in Viet nam every one get drunk even every night but what rule there to protect for innocent people around when He driving ?? nothing Rules I am talking right here is standard that basic for any country like you said not like money can over rules ,OK I belief most of American in here will not understand until they see in front of their eyes so of me ,I am born in Vietnam but feel very sorry for our people ,only their pride is Vietnam war and beautiful country beside we must be stand still listen and learn a lot