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    Quote Originally Posted by Draffip View Post

    They were a little tight the 1st few days, but now I hardly notice them. Plus I wear them under my pants so you can't tell I'm wearing knee pads.
    thanks for the pic...I'll swing by a sporting goods shop and check it out....

    My wife sugested using this memory foam pillow I got layin' we call it the brick....looks like I might have a new home for it...

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    I have used these for years, the best I have ever found. You can wear them over your pants. You can change them real easy
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    Wool army blanket

    I have used them for years. Fold on up for knee protection, open it up to protect the floor. Wool doesn't ignite like cotton when a little hot rod falls on it.

    And you don't look like a douche wearing kneepads.

    However, you do have to take the jokes about, "are you napping on my time?"
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    Someone A while back, showed me a pair of Carhart bibs with slots in the double knees that held gel knee pads. They looked like a good idea. The trouble I have with the knee pads that you wear, is they cut off circulation to my legs. Haven't followed up on the Carharts but I think they may work for me. In the meantme, just do the same as I have for the past 40+ years and kneel on gravel, and rocks and an occasional hex head screw, and whine every night about my knees hurting. I find it harder every day to get upright and erect, after kneeling in front of my work. Over the years, callouses have formed on the top of my feet from sitting on them so much.
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    I use the black 3x4 pads that united sells they work great . it is made from the same material
    they make armaflex from . dont have to keep moving small gardning pad . and if the surface is real rough like gravel i fold it in half
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