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    Emerson/Copeland compressor warranty question

    Regarding the one year warranty on Copeland ZR series scroll compressors, does it begin from the date of purchase or the date of installation?

    It was my understanding that it was the date of installation and the information from Copeland seems to agree with me:

    I ask because I have a compressor that failed within the 12 month "in service" date but 3 weeks outside the 12 month "purchase" date. The wholesaler it was purchased from initially tried to decline putting it through as a warranty on that basis and only relented after I pushed the issue. They still indicated that they didn't feel it would be accepted and left me wondering if they were even going to try. (btw, this is a large national chain that most everyone here has heard of or does business with regularly)

    Any personal experiences?

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    Worse case scenario is you go over their heads and get in touch with the mfg, let them know one of their wholesalers is trying to dick you around on the warranty. I'm curious what the failure was. I had a 10 ton spring a leak in the shell about a year after install.

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