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Not going to get into the union/anti-union debate. What I would like to add is something we have going on up here. I think you have someone in a similar function but I do not know whether the position caries the importance that it does up here.

In today's paper they had a piece on our Auditor General, Sheila Fraser who is retiring after ten years watching over the government's books.


She is one the most respected people in Canada. She never pulled punches showing government's shortfall be it corruption, mismanagement, with no bias towards which party was in power.

In the US you give celebrity status to people like Trump, here she attained celebrity status doing the job of an accountant.


Don't know if we will find another like her, sure hope we do. She was offered to head up the internal audit unit at the United Nations, sure they could use some shaking up. Then again if you guys ask her real nicely, I am sure we would be willing to loan her out to you.
I'd take your Sheila Fraser over our Donald Trump anyday.