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    Using micronet mnl vavs for Tac Vista system?

    Need some feedback for using Micronet Lon mnl vavs for Tac vista system? What's the pros And cons versus using xenta-102-ax Lon vav controllers?
    Has anybody attempted/succeeded using mnl vavs under Tac Vista system any concerns about reliability or flexibility of the applications? Does it take longer time to commission or air balancing since there is no plugins?

    Any feedback will be appreciated.

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    Can't answer to the Xenta line, but the MNLs are not a "live database". They have to be commissioned and programmed with WorkplaceTech. You have to have the database on your machine, you can't "learn or fetch" from the controller. Not real handy in my opinion.
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    I looked into this a few years ago, but basically my hands were too tied w/o having workplace tech/pro software. From memory I wanted to use this controller cause it had an AO or two.

    I don't see it being a bad thing if you have workplace tech as long as the LON profile fits your needs, aka you have the data you want to see in Vista. Any LON controller can be brought into Vista as long as you have the xif file. If your using LonMaker/NL220 or similar network management tool then Vista gets the xif information from the network management tool.

    The next thing to seriously consider is D. Fisher created a 'graphical plug in' that can be used directly in the Vista Workstation front end on the 102AX (available for download on graphics exchange). This makes it very convenient for balancing and setup or you could give the balancer's a STR250 and balance that way. Not sure the options for the MNL, but if you say there is no plug-ins, have you ever tried setting up a controller w/o plug-ins? It is 90+% of the time a PITA cause you have to read through every line to find all the settings you want to set. Granted it can be done, but there is a lot to be said for the ease of setup a plug-in provides.
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