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    Hello dapper

    I was just reading your post "Lon version" where you had asked which version would be better to buy. But like most posts in all forums a lot of replies but no usefull information.

    I would be interested to know which version you purched and did it suit your needs?


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    Hi core,
    I went with the standard version of LonMaker. It is a few hundred dollars cheaper and I am only using it as a learning tool now. I am down to my last credit but dont think that will be a problem for a while because I can always delete a device if I want to add another. I believe free (50) credits are available from Echelon for training purposes. If I find a need I can always try that.

    As far as the other features go..... Echelon is supposed to release a new version of LonMaker early next year. I thought that if I decided that I wanted the additional features for drawings etc in Visio Pro that I would wait until the new version came out with the 'newer' Visio version as well. I decided not to wait for that release.

    Now I have an iLon100, Distech EC-67, SLTA, H/W W7751F and a Circon UHC-202 as well as a combination of sensors and actuators for 'training' purposes. At this point the LonMaker standard is as much as I can handle. I learn something new each time I sit down at it and 'play'. Sometimes I need help from HVAC=Talk too. There is so much to learn with the iLon also.

    As sysint has suggested, and I also took his advice, get an iLon and a few controllers and have at it. I think it is cheaper than buying a 'kit' and you can tailor it to your needs.

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