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    Originally posted by jerrycoolsaz
    Well I am of Mexican descent, 1st gen here. Besides the typical babble spewn here, I'll respond to the statement that legal immigration is easier than illegal immigration. It may seem that way on paper but it's not.

    One needs an established company to issue a letter of confirmation of employment for a certain amount of time (so they do not stay here to work). Which is hard in some cases because a lot of the work is agricultural, or if you speak your mind in a mfg plant you are fired.

    One needs an established bank account. It has to be a mature account with a considerable amount of funds in there. Most make enough to survive and a Gansito bread for the kids.

    That is without the "contribution" some officers will outright ask for. The ones illegaly crossing are not these type of people, they are campesinos with little to their name.

    I seriously don't know where I stand on this. On one side illegal immigration spawns violent gangs that rob and abuse the migrant and a whole mess of other problems. I have also seen the good that 'green' money has built in my parents hometowns.

    And of course I'm very grateful for my parents illegaly coming here 30 years ago.
    Jerry...first of all my sincerest and deepest apologies for what some fellow forum members have written here, they seem to find humor in everything, even when I find nothing humerous about the plight of these people. I sincerely doubt any of us fully understand everything involved with immigration laws or the desperation of those trying to enter the states...and that is my concern, how can we immediately condemn someone when we don't know the entire situation?

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    On one hand I feel very sorry for their plight, but on the other hand, ever since 9/11 it scares me how easily people can enter this country illegally through that border.

    The illegals are no longer just Mexicans either. The Guatemalan gangs have come through there in large numbers and are wreaking havoc in several major U.S. cities. Some of the gangs they've formed up here have well over 1,000 members and they are the most violent ones yet. The U.S. government has become very concerned about this in the last month.

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