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    Oh, please, Thero!!! Athena is not just any female person, she is the daughter of Zeus! His favorite child no less, having sprung from his head. And indeed Athens is English for Athena. The city was named after her when the inhabitants chose her gift over Poseidon's.

    Aaaahhhh...what a forum! From the classics to the moderns to SEER and back...What quality, what eclectic style...I feel like a Renaissance man already...

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    I didn't get anything wrong. I was not the one who named my son Athens. Athens and Spiro are brothers who once owned Astro Sheet Metal in Baltimore.

    Now thero is dissing Greeks.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Originally posted by twotwo
    goodman is pure unadulterated crap. just like a ford automobile. built and enjineered to breakdown. sometimes you just get lucky and all the pieces fall together and run a few years. that happens when you put out incredible amounts of machines
    Goodman is much better built than any Ford. In 1978 my dad bought an new Merc Marquis? Almost killed me twice in its 1st year of use.1. Blown brake fuse from a trailer short caused the cruise control to acell while braking for a corner. (Dumb ford thought it was climbing a hill) 2. My dad smelled gas after filling it up. He pulled it in the shop (His A/C company) pops the hood motor running him in the car. I look and FREAK OUT and yell shut that piece of **** off and get out!! A tiny 1/8" plug in the carb (like a small freeze plug) came out and aimed a stream of fuel dead on the distrubuter cap and wires. He had it towed to the dealer and bought a Caddy after that. I have had many more bad Ford things happen in my life those were the worse on one of the Best Ford had to offer in 1978. I know this thread is A/C related but I hate Ford's. On that note my uncle passed away and the family wants me to have his 41 Ford sedan (I built the flat head V8 motor in it when I was in HiSchool) I already gave it away to my 14yr old son as a first car. It is better built than the crap they build now. A/C related at least I mentioned Goodman and my dad's A/C business. And I never had any serious trouble with a Goodman system. Only one fan sequenser bad in a warrantee. And when Scroll pumps first came out I had 2 new package BDP units blow compressors under 1st yr and the replacment ones last for 10 with no other changes to the system. BDP/Bryant liste as good equip. I like Trane, then Carrier, but sell mostly GrandAir/Nordine BakerBros stuff. My day used BakerBros over 20yrs ago I figure nation wide company in business that long has to sell OK equip. I think Goodman just got a bad rap around the general public and the tec's are right its all in the install and testing that make the job/equipment better!

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    I think we are now all dumber now for reading this whole thread. I would have gotten more out of watching 3 hours of tele tubbies.

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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    I didn't get anything wrong. I was not the one who named my son Athens. Athens and Spiro are brothers who once owned Astro Sheet Metal in Baltimore.

    Now thero is dissing Greeks.

    No, but you got a thing for Greek guys who you think have female names!
    Why don't you just admit you WANT me ROBO baby, then all this sexual tension will go away.
    And then all these other nasty posters who are vieing for your sweet butt will go away!

    But i must warn you, I am a tradtional guy, I expect a virgin.

    Classic or Hussman have not dated you have they?

    I hope not cause that would ruin everyting.

    But I do expect a dowery. NO goats or sheep. We wouldn't want you to stray on those lonely night I am out late servicing.

    And your mobile home will have to be sold.

    Think it over my dear Robopudding.

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    It's a scary thing purchasing a new HVAC system
    I've gotten several quotes from different installers.
    I'm going for the best quote I got.
    Which is a Goodman 93% 2 stage variable 70,000 btu
    A 14 seer 2 1/2 ton a/c with a 3 ton coil
    Installed for $4 grand. The installer has a good reputation and is a member in good standing with the BBB.
    Can someone here make me feel good about this =)

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    No one here can, we dont know the dealer. Sorry but we arent going to bash him either.

    You might ask yourself if he and who else may have performed a proper load calculation, Are they recommending any changes to the duct system to cover any concerns you may have had about rooms that are less comfortable? Did he address any indoor air quality concerns you might have had? Was price your sole criteria for replacing the system? If you were purchasing anything else would you bet that the lowest bid is always the best value?

    BTW no pricing here but good luck with your decision.

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    Originally posted by wooodstok

    I'm going for the best quote I got

    If that means the lowest priced one,it's not likely the best one overall.Nothing against that guy ,but lowest cost shouldn't be you main criteria.

    Compare brands,features and different levels withn the brands.

    Compare the contractors,reputation,design and installation ability,etc.
    Be sure you get equipment the does what you,basic,or more deluxe with variable speed indoor fan,two stage compresor,etc..

    It's your money and your choice ,just be sure you are fully informed,as it will last a lot of years,and unlike a car,there's no trade in value if you want the better system ,next year.

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    Ive done my best to inform myself
    Being the past owner of a dodge intrepid
    I know whats it's like to shell out for repairs on a ****ty product
    I dont want to be sorry down the line.
    I feel that Goodman has a good warranty and that whe quotes for Trane and Kenmore were at least 3-4 thousand dollars more.
    Did Goodman get a bad rep for a reason in the past?
    Have they resolved the issues? Would you purchase one or recommend one to one of your friends and family?

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