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Thread: Legal Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsiceman View Post
    So Are you the guy to the left or the right
    To the right and if I was Steve I would turn in his neighbor to the left of him for having tall grass and unkept front lawn. The hypocracy of things these days.

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    I could post pix of our driveway and a few others within ones eye view and Steve has no reason to complain about a thing. Just across from us they have 5 cars 2 houses over they have 4 and sometimes a mini school bus. I mean really this guy is just out to get us, thats why Im gonna get him one way or another with the city or an attorney cause this guy is beyond ridiculous.

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    This is a touchy subject.

    Certainly there are, or should be, bylaws concerning disturbance, lack of care/maintenance and community safety, but if you can stop one person from being able to work at home because you feel it is inappropriate and for no other reason, then you can stop all people from working at home, including teachers who bring markings home, lawyers with work, large business' who expect their employees to put in office hours after regular hours.

    This could actually start costing people their livelihoods.

    What's right for one is right for all.
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    My personal expieriance is when doing something to get even, it always bites you in the behind.

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    I am missing something here. Your this upset because he called the city twice? What was the city's response? Have you broken any laws with all your vehicles? There must be something else about this neighbor that has you so upset.

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    Thanks for grouping us as all union.
    Thanks for downing people who go door to door, spreading the bible.
    Thanks for downing small business owners.

    Because we're all non-religious, union, big business guys. :-\
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyM View Post
    I am missing something here. Your this upset because he called the city twice? What was the city's response? Have you broken any laws with all your vehicles? There must be something else about this neighbor that has you so upset.
    The code and regulations officer has said nothing was wrong both times, and they don't send any paperwork stating everything is ok to me or him.

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    i want my click back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSport1985 View Post
    Is it legal to work out of your own garage as a HVAC tech? Like in a residential area? I'm in the state of Illinois if it makes a differance.
    You need to talk to your local zoning enforcement officer and inquire as to whether it's a violation of the local zoning ordinance.
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    Well its all taken care of local code enforcement is on it and also suggested getting the EPA involved.

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    Down here in the south we can pretty much do what we want to on our own property as long as it doesn't make the neighborhood look unsightly. We had a three ring circus a little while back in my neighbor hood. My neighbor across the street owns his own gutter and siding business, he did all his prep work in the driveway, my neighbor to the left of me is an avid wood worker and builds cabinets and other wood furniture in his garage, and I was using my garage for band practice. We all get along, so none of us ever complained about to many cars, noise, or anything else. We respect one another, and don't let little things bother us. I think the only thing we ever complain about is the heat and lack of beer somedays. Maybe you should try and get to know the guy a little better? It might make both of your life's a lot more easier.

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    He who flings mud, generally loses ground.

    The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Best way to live with a bad situation is to find common ground and stop pointing out reasons to disagree.
    The city would have realized this guy was wasting their resources, it's in their paperwork. Rather than talking to your neighbor you sunk to his level and opened pandora's box. Hope it all works out for you.

    REMEMBER: He who flings mud, generally loses ground.

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