I have never been to Baltimore or anywhere but Connecticut or Mass. before (LOL)

I plan on leaving Connecticut at 3 AM on Friday to avoid the traffic. Mapquest says it is a 6 hour drive from here to Baltimore, so if traffic goes well, that would put me there at around 9AM.

If anyone needs a ride from the airport after whatever time I arrive (Again I am hoping 9AM but it all depends of traffic) I can save you some money on a taxi.

I have a small pickup (Dodge Dakota) which can fit 2 passengers, but it will be a little cramped. Providing it's not raining, you can just put your luggage in the back of the truck.

Please keep in mind, however that I only have a standard cab, so if it is raining, I have no room in the cab for large luggage. If it is not raining, feel free to fill up the whole 6 foot bed

My cell phone number is on the other thread, so if something comes up, say, your ride can't get there or you can't get a taxi, feel free to give me a call.