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    I worked as a millwright for 7 years and we went from Job to job just like you describe. It didnt matter how hard you worked , or what you knew , when it came to layoff day , everyone went. Sometimes a few at a time but eventually everyone went
    then you got on the out of workbooks and in time you would go back to work

    I hope you find something soon . I hate being out of work

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    Hey guys, thanks for the many kind words and even for the advice.

    I wasnt here to whine about it ... I was just sharing how odd this industry can become at times.

    New guys to the trades are always asking what it is like. Some here would rather not share personal info, and that it their perogative.
    But the new guys. gals, they need to know how it is.

    And some times ... it is tough.

    Had I not had another person fill out the evaluation I handed in to the supervisor ... I would have felt differently about the numbers I got versus what I would have filled in for myself.

    Like I wrote in that thread, this man is not someone who would lie about what he saw on the job, in the way of my performance.
    He is not shy about telling me I am screwing up or otherwise missing the mark.

    I was devastated by the news. Still in some shock. But I'll get over it and move on.
    I WILL find another position. I WILL succeed!

    I decided not to write how good I was on my job. How much help I gave others who had need.
    What's the use of tooting my own horn?
    If my work performance wasnt up to the needs of the man who hired me, then it is his perogative to let me go.
    It doenst have to fair or honest or kind.
    He's not my best friend.
    He's not my relative.
    He's not responsible for my life or wellbeing.
    SomeOne else is.

    And He will make sure I get my needs met.

    I felt a little defensive at some of the comments offered.

    I will jus say this, if I was saying one thing online here and a totally different person on the job real life, then I would be a fake. I liar. Dishonest.
    I would be phoney.

    And guys who are like that are usually well versed in covering their tracks so they are not found out.
    I am being transparent here.

    That friend of mine who worked beside me a month or two ... the one who did my evaluation... he often mentioned that I was demonstrating more respect for the boss than he would have felt was deserving the man.
    I didnt go behind the man's back.
    I didnt make up stuff about him to the management.

    I simply left it as it was.
    I felt it was not my job to put everyone down. If someone was not doing their best ... let someone else deal with it.
    I was not there as anyone's judge or executioner.

    I felt I went the extra mile, whenever asked for anything. The job simply didnt work out for me.

    If anything comes of this thread for a new member who is unawares of the quirks of this industry ... I would hope that it would be this: do not place your hope and trust anywhere it can be abused.
    Place it in God alone and He will direct your path.

    I love this forum.
    And I have a respect for the members here.
    Some of you have the confidence and courage to be transparent with the rest of us.
    I like that.

    If I was a slob at work, or I was walking around hiding out from my task at hand ....shirking my responsibilities ... stealing materials others were using/ making them go find the materials all over again .... back-biting to the boss about this guy's lousey work or that guy's poor techniques .... if I never invested in the tools of the trade and was always borrowing other people's stuff .... just to get my own work done ....

    Show up late, drinking before, during or the night before work ...and being either hung over or just plain brain-dead on the job .... then I clearly shouldnt be there under any circumstances!

    Most people who find work difficult, they simply look around for another position.
    Then they leave.

    No big deal.

    I had adopted the attitude that if the company was willing to hire me, pay me and keep me on ... that I would stay on board.

    The work, the practices, the proceedures, the planning... the management style of the owners ...

    a whole lot of things DIDNT AGREE WITH ME!!!

    And so what?

    I believe I was there for the people who worked there. And not for the work itself nor the fantastic "working environment"!
    I liked being around the guys making things come together.

    I didnt have to see rhyme or reason in everything they did.
    I was not there to advise them .... I was there to serve along-side of them.
    And THAT is exactely what I did.

    and in some of their eye's ... I didnt work out.

    So here I am ... the morning after .... I am looking forward to the next job.
    Another employer.
    A new opportunity.

    When Dice used to tell me to keep my mouth shut ... I did that.
    I did that on this project as well as the last place I worked.

    In both instances, I felt there were serious things amiss in management, yet I wanted to simply stay on ... get along with them and keep on working.

    On this project ... I would be laid out for the day's work ... have all my stuff setting there on a duct or air handler ... get ready to glue some armor-flex and notice the can of glue was missing.
    "it was just THERE!!!"

    And then I would look around for a few minutes, to make sure I hadnt been mistaken and let it on another system or something.

    And then I would remember ... "oh yeh.... so and so was just here .... looking for "something" .... he never said waht he was after.
    He never asked for anything.

    He didnt think to say; "Hey Bob, are you using this stuff right now? Can I take it?"

    And so I would spend the next HOUR .... YES... And HOUR ... looking for anything else to replace what i had just lost!

    And the job was like this the last month or so.
    Cause materials were so short.

    Could I say "something" about WHY that was so ....???

    yes I could.
    and all it would be doing is placing my observations here on this forum.
    It would not solve the problem.
    It would not serve to make me or anyone else ... a better person.

    Besides ... it's NOT MY JOB to fix their issues in how they operate.
    It was my job to fit and braze pipe.
    It was my job to do what I was told, in the manner in which I was instructed.

    Of course I made observations.
    I made judgements, but I kept them to myself or came here and asked questions.

    Like; "it is right to run ACR without pee traps?"
    "Is it right to install sight glasses in heat pump split systems?"

    "Shouldnt the suction lines be sloping towards the compressor?"

    If affix-ing the blame to another person makes me feel justified ... then I need help.

    If noticing someone isnt doing their job, but I kleep on doing my work ... best I can anyway I to blame for the outcome?

    When I dont have the materials I need ... as I need them ... is it my fault I end up not producing to a higher level of output?
    If some people view me as their "central supply" ... and look to me before they go to the con-ex and find what they are looking for ... is it my job to give them materials ... when I dont have enough already?

    And that went on ...E V E R Y S I N G L E DAY!

    I finally developed the attitude that it was not right to get mad at those who stole materials.
    How was I affecting those people by being upset with them?

    I decided not to be a jerk and demanding and harsh and all that sort of stuff... and simply chose to be and let be.

    Someone took the fittings I was allocated for this particular piping section ... and there's no more in the central supply, (con-ex), "oh well.....!"
    I'll report my need and sugest other things I can be working on at the moment.
    Then await orders to do something else.

    That is how this job was run, ...all the time I was there.

    And coming from a service man's background ... where everything you do is orchestrated by your own confidence and you get your own materials/ parts and schedule your own follow-ups ... this type of working schedule ... drove me nuts at times.

    And I am looking forward to moving on to the next position.
    The next job.

    The next opportunity.

    God will provide. And that is where my hope and confidence is based.
    Not in myself. But in Him.

    Not because I deserve it or have earned it or am worthy ... it is simply because He loves me.

    Some here will understand my ramblings ... and some will not.
    And that is ok.

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    Dear R12,

    It has been some time since I have posted on this forum, I do not want to take over your thread because I feel badly about what happened to you and am embarrassed to say that I was employeed in a field that would treat its dedicated workers that way. I think that the problem is probably more theirs than yours. I too know what it feels like to be used on the job, a couple of months ago I wrote on here of how well I was doing in the sales market ,well since that time I have to say that I have gotten out of the HVAC field , the events that led me to this decision included, sexual harrassment from my employer, resentment from coworkers and a rape attempt made by one of my customers, but I survived and I have moved on. I now sell candles and home decor type articles.

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    You hated that job!

    It sucks that they let you go in such a weasley manner though.

    You remind me of one of my teachers way back in Tech School ('86-'87). Have you ever thought about teaching?

    Just a reminder...

    You hated that job!

    God Bless, you'll be fine.

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    I was surprised at discovering a perk about owning your business is none of this stuff R12 talks abut happens. I know a business can lose customers politicly but it doesn't seem personal. While an owner is at risk ( like don't fall off a ladder as you can't collect unemployment comp ) there is a little peace in that more of your destiny is up to you. It's not for everyone and I know most fail thru no fault of their own but it is for some like the guy that never fits.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    SMW Lu49

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    something that I am just noticing... now that I am getting a better night's sleep.... I think differently.

    I mean, I see some things a little bit differently than I did before.

    That machine is just an appliance. It's not a new heart or soul.
    It hasnt given me a replacement attitude on life.

    It simply pumps air ... household air ... up my nose at night!

    Where I'm going from here will be something to behold.
    I look forward to the near future.

    I jus felt that loyalty was of some value today in this industry.
    That having a seasoned person around the younger guys would be of tremendous benefit to the company in general.

    And I was wrong.

    However, I take with me, the memories and experiences of this past season on the project.

    I got to do some things that I havent had much opportunity to do in the past.

    And that things which weren't so nice ... well .... life has it's moments. And I survived.

    I guess one of the major drawbacks in my life, working for other people ... is that I view the job as a relationship.
    And when they arent pleased, I feel like I am failing in my ability to make them happy.

    Of course, this is a two way street.
    If you hire someone and they are obviously not making the grade, in your opinion ... to your standards, it's up to YOU to say and do something to either motivate them or educate them or something.

    But an employer cannot just sit on their butt and watch someone doing their best ... and still NOT get the work done ... your way!
    You must take action.

    Afterall ... people are NOT expendable!

    in my opinion.....

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    Have you tried sales, you some to have excellent people skills maybe you should give sales a try ? It wasn't for me, but it may suit you.

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    All I am saying, with all of whats has been said and written, something don't add up here. Period.

    It doesn't make any sense. I don't understand.

    I can not possibly offer any more advice than I have.

    I wish you luck. Again.

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    r12 rules

    forgive me for butting in, i have seen your posts and although i don't corespond with you as some of the others do i just wanted to say; the bright side is you always seem to have jobs to be laid off from. could be a little off cue but for all the lay-offs there was a job.

    one of my co-workers recently shared with me the rule of twenties!

    at twenty you think everyones talking about you

    at forty you don't care what they say

    and at sixty you realize they were never talking about you in the first place.

    point is don't take it to heart. it probably dos'nt have that much of anything to do with you at all.

    my two cents hope its worth something to you.

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    I Got A Good Place Here, Old Company Just Refrigeration....5% A/C, Year round work...Likes Old Timers....Here Is a Back Door E-Mail...Let Me Know.
    Refrigeration...Finding the Wright Wrench to pound in the correct..Screw

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    People dump. happens all the time, company probably did not make profit margin on job.

    I was with an oufit once that let go of over 60 guys in three days a few weeks before X-mass. the company got a bad rep locally after that and never recovered, I also thought to myself I wonder if I should leave. about six years later the same oufit laid me off two days before X-mass, with a severence package of 4 GR, that took a lot of the sting out after 13 years with them.

    My point being you and many others will always remember this outfit and they will only get garbage help in the future. what goes around comes around.
    If common sense is so common how come so few of us have it!

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    Listen, Darn it.

    Quit bull$HITTING.

    Something is not right. And until you answer yourself honestly, I won't think you credible.

    Quit trying to spin this shit like it is poor old me crap. I have been there as I have said. In an earlier post I said for all you guys to see. And I know my former bosses lurk on here. I was the jack ass. I fully admit it. I am comfortable knowing that and attoning for those bad times. And I am glad I can tell you all. I was young, cocky, stupid, and should have had my but kicked many many times.

    Listen, each and every one of you young guys in the trade coming up. You get no where with out laying down your cards. And admitting what the hell you don't know. There are a ton of guys in this feild, that need their but kicked, and also told they don't know squat. I know so many guys in my time so far that think their "that and a bag of chips" and they absolutley stink. I know. I was one of those ignorant idiots. I still hold my guns, and I'll call you a moron if I you deserve it, still haven't learned to keep my mouth shut, but what you see is what you get with me. And I aint going to sit here and let all this "pat on the back" crap go on with out saying something.

    And for guys who say don't take a layoff personal, well thats construction guys talking. Lets be frank. And thats there mentality. Bob is a service guy. And all us service guys just don't get arbitrarily laid off at the end of a job unless your not right in someway. And that don't mean you can'T BE COMPETENT TECHNICLLY. You could be a genious, but somehow you did not fit the bill. And this is a trend with R12. Quit spinning this crap and be honest all of you.

    As for Bob. No one gets canned 3 times now, in a year and a half unless there is something weird going on. I mean my god. As I understand it. 25 years plus refrigeration experience, In the hottest part of the country, self employed for a period of time back in the day, exudes leadership on the website here, there aint no damn way you can not get a job asap and stay there unless something aint right.

    And I would love to know what it is.

    Do any of you think like me when this post came up or am I just an a hole?

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    As long as were making an attempt to be honest here. Then I will come clean also, I thought his entire story was just that, a story. What is he even talking about when he refers to material so often in his post, was there material that came up missing ?

    And,Why the hell wouldn't you fill out your own evaluatin ? You let someone else fill out your eval, an eval that could be so critical to your employment !!!

    That is a stupid thing to do for a responsible person. If I were your boss and asked for a self eval and you turned in something filled out by someone else I would let you go too for being an idiot.

    The bottom line is you are either lazy, stupid,hard to work with,a thief, unresponsible, a liar or you just don't want to work. My hunch is that you are a selfcentered selfish person and that most of the last sentence does apply to you.

    Give us a break and cough up with the real story, do you think we are stupid R12 ?

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