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    I almost dont know what to say.

    Today I had my initial evaluation at work.

    I met with the guy who hired me. The one who is never on the project site and doesnt do what I do.
    But he said he spoke with others who are there ... and what they said was shocking. To say the least!

    Like I said on another thread, I had someone else fill out my eval form. He is honest to a fault and wouldnt pull any punches, if I needed to hear something constructive or even negative.

    Anyway .... when I was asked how I felt I performed on this project.... I would give him the numbers and his responce was nearly always a much lower number.

    I would be an eight and he would grade it a three or four or five .... on several things .... I did make it ... in his mind's eye ... up to the numbers I had down on my own form.
    But for the most part .... I bombed out miserably!

    Not thirty days ago, I was sitting right there in his office and he was telling me, I had nothing to worry about in regards to my future with the company.
    Yet this afternoon ... he laid me off.

    I just sat there in shock.

    I tried my hardest to be there everyday and do the best job I could.
    I wasnt there just for the paycheck.

    I figure ... God must have something in mind for me ... so tomorrow I'm going looking for another job.

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    Well that really sucks...........

    But, being hired on for a construction job like that, getting laid off when it's done is something that's bound to happen to the best workers......if they just don't need them any more.

    You're right.....something is waiting for you out there. You just have to find it.

    Best of luck, Bob.

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    had to jump in what part did u do "miseriably" on that i dont get,what kid of job where u doing? it dosent sound like a every day thing like service calls etc it sounds like a big commercial job that went over budget or something wrong, good luck finding a job i am sure with all the experience u have something is bound to come your way

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    I wonder what they said too. You aways seem to post long well thought out posts on teamwork and being a good worker yet it appears from your other post that you go through a lot of jobs. What was the main compliant? Could it be your co-workers don't like your work style/attitude or is it just poor company choices on your part? I'm not trying to be rude I just wonder why you are having the job issues that you do.

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    I read your posts on the project

    Seems like you had a very critical attitude about it. Did it show itself on the job?

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    R-12 , that is what I always hated about big jobs; One day they want to move in and we have to leave.

    You are a very talented man , and I hope God has something lined up for you.

    Most of the guys there couldn't carry your "tool" bag.
    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

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    Don't take the BS personally. There are other jobs and companies out there. Go easy on the "self evaluation". Did you think that maybe the low numbers were a slimeball way of justifying the layoff which is a very real component of new construction? Look in the mirror and repeat after me... "You the Man..." Repeat as needed.

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    You got fired .........again.................??
    Wat up wit dat??
    After your own self evaluation even.
    Don't take this the wrong way, but maybe ya need to get a job as a counter guy or something like that.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Okay, I guess I am going to say it, since others are being wus's.

    Bob, It's got to be something with you. You have got to look at this hard and figure out what it is.

    Are you older, overwieght, too much bible talk on the job, arguementative. It's gotta be something.

    I am going to be real honest with you. I was a bad employee. Love the trade. Want to kick everyones but at it. I only got canned one time and laid off on another, that lay off I wanted. But the bottom line was, I was an *******. I couldn't help it. I want it my way period. And such was that was the way I carried myself while working for others.

    Let me tell you Bob, it took me a long time to realize that all those people were not wrong about me, calling me flaky or unstable or whatever. I only found peace when it is my own thing. Truth is, now with some perspective and a little success helps too, truth is, I was an a hole in some people's eyes that I worked for. I just finally found myself and got honest with myself. Looking back, it's funny. They were right.

    I dunno. I am not saying go on your own, I am just trying to share with you that, I did not see how much of an ass I really was. SO. You may not be being honest with yourself.

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    I told Bob years ago to keep his mouth shut.
    Nothing personal mind you.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    SO. You may not be being honest with yourself.
    Man of many D's, you nailed it. You managed to put into words the thoughts that coursed through my mind when learning once again R12 is unemployed.


    I honestly believe, having lived long enough on this planet, that perhaps the toughest task a man can ever undertake is to become mature in self-honesty. Every fiber of one's being would rather do anything than stare one's shortcomings and flaws dead on. It seems more pleasant to hear fingernails scratching against a chalkboard. Or mucking out a horse stall. Or...well, you get the idea.

    But here's the catch, as many D's can likely attest: self honesty, and acting positively from a evaluation of one's self, is a foundation to a much more satisfying existence in this world.

    Here's another thing...when I was a young believer in God, both in years and in faith, I had this hallucination that God would just take care of me and I didn't really have to be all that introspective about myself. Which kind of led me into an attidude of, "Oh well, this didn't work out, so God must have something else for me." I go that direction and blunder again. "Oh well, guess God might want me to go this way." Another blunder. "Hmm..guess God might be wanting me to try this."

    The entire time during that process, I now understand that I was missing the point. God wasn't interested in my circumstance, if anything. I personally don't think that's the angle in focus. IOW, I've come to believe that character is FAR more important than circumstance. You get the character right and the circumstance just seems to fall into place. Seems it's all too easy to get it turned around the other way. Circumstance dictates one's life but the character goes lagging.

    So, I guess I'm trying to say that if, using your words, "God has something in mind for me", my unsolicited advice (isn't most advice had that way? ) for you is to shift your focus from circumstance to character. You've gone through several jobs that I can recall since I've joined this board two years ago, so perhaps the circumstances are screaming at you to evaluate the character.

    I don't really know you, other than we're fellow tradesmen and I only want the best for a colleague. So that is the spirit in which my speil is given.
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    R12, with the questions and replies I see from you...I can't imagine you getting laid off.

    It might be political. I got permenantly laid off from my old trade of tool and die six and a half years ago. I couldn't believe it. I worked there for four years at an average of 55 hours a week on a mandatory 50 hour work week schedule. Came in everyday. Called in and talked with my supervisor when anything out of the ordinary happened. I gave everything I had to give to the company. Worked Saturdays, came in early, got jobs through my department.

    Then things changed. People who shouldn't have been given positions were, and they made unnecessary, nonetheless bad, judgements based on ass kissing by others. But that's how those people got their titles in the first place. Since then, those individuals have been outsted by the company. I sometimes wonder where they are today and how they live with themselves. But I never looked back and ended up where I am today.

    I'm sorry for what happened. I wish the best of luck in finding a new job.
    Get back to work.

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    Dont take a layoff personal. The job is over and they dont have another job they need you on. You dont need to be in construction anyways, you need to be an instructor/teacher.

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