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    Man, I've definitely seen these guys, in every store we service, leave the damned door open. Granted, their job doesn't look fun either. But CLOSE THE F#%KING DOOR!!! Same with the girls in the store; they get busy, they leave the walk-in cooler or freezer door slightly ajar. Ya know, all you can do is politely remind them that they are causing their own problems in these circumstances. And when you get called out in the middle of the night over it...Well, it's job security I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayr View Post
    Look! you just barely make out the evap fan in the back. It's almost like a where's waldo..except it's more like where's bohn?
    Every customer you take for granted today will be someone else's tomorrow.

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    Wow, if I walked in our eatery, and saw that, I'd make a quick call to the health department. Nothing!! is allowed on the floor, you can use "cripple" shelves temporarily, but the Isle must be clear.

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