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Thread: BCU Repair?

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    BCU Repair?

    I have a Trane BCU (BMTX) that stopped communicating over the LAN after a storm. There is no visable bamage that I can see but the LAN connection is no longer functional. If I unplug the CAT5 LAN cable form the BCU and plug a cable from my laptop to the BCU, I show activity in my taskbar like it's trying to connect but it never does. I have tried disabling IP connections in the BCU and tried to connect direct, but no luck. I think I have a hardware issue with the board. The BCU is still controling the building but you can't communicate with it.

    Has anyone ever repaired the network connection part of a BCU (BMTX)?

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    Since its physically part of the unit and not a card, i think repairing it would be pretty hard. You are looking at getting a new BCU.

    Do the LAN lights on the BCU light up, the amber and yellow when connected to laptop or network?

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    One does. I don't remember which one.

    I get activity in my windows task bar indicating my laptop's network card is trying to connect to something, but then it says "cable unplugged" or "cable disconnected" (I don't remember which one). This cycle keeps repeating untill I unplug the cable.

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