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    I need some help York Guys!! 600 Ton YT

    Ok Guys, I have a new unused York YT 600 Ton Chiller R-123 1995 Vintage.

    I bought it with no control panel and no starter. I have a new 2007 Optiview control panel 371-02486-101. I powered it up and it said it was selected for R-22, what do I need to do to convert it to R-123.

    I also have a new 2009 Optispeed VSD503 K-46 P/N: 371-03789-702.

    Does the K in the P/N mean it is for a YK?

    If it is for a YK, do I need to change the Eproms?

    I know that I need to get a ACC Board for the optiview control panel, do I need to get one for a YT or YK?

    What Transducers will I need to change?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me!!


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    I can help... To much info for a post.

    PM me

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    One advantage of pro membership. Can post the info without Google's/the worlds eyes on the subject. Oh and you can PM each other using the HVAC-TALK PM service and much more.
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