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    Question Simulator

    Hello Friends,

    Is there any simulator software for controls of any manufacturer? I need one for me to practice ?

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    Yes. Some have demo versions that will run indefinite but built demos can't be transferred into a working program w/o re-writing the entire program on a non demo version and some have demos that last a few weeks to a month that give full programming rights. What are you trying to accomplish?
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    Surely you will want to practice in the brand of software you will be using.

    What product are you using or do you intend on using?

    No point in learning Logic Block programming if you will be using some form of basic or line code etc.


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    Innotech does a program that lets you build a control circut then test for functionality.

    Innotech Software
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    Google Eikon for Educators. I have posted the link before on the site. Download Eikon (ALC/Carrier i-Vu/OEMctrl) programming software. It has a simulator for program testing.

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