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    I have a Carrier Heat Pump that I am going to be replacing soon with a Magic Pak 7MHP10A24 heat pump, and would like the contractor to install a good programmable thermostat as well. He recommended a Honeywell, but hasnt come back with a model number. While reading this forum, I saw a lot of recommendations for the Honeywell Vision Pro 8321 as well as the White-Rodgers 1F95-391:

    The Honeywell is a good thermostat, 5 year warranty, lots of features, excellent user interface, very well marketed and very expensive(?).

    The White-Rodgers is a good thermostat, 1 year warranty, even more features, classical user interface , not as well marketed, not as expensive(?).

    I believe in the 80-20 rule, so I am trying to find out what features are actually very useful for our situation, and not buying something just because it is best. So I need help figuring out these features and their usefulness:

    Internal and External Remote Sensors:
    How easy is it to install these sensors?
    Is there a maximum length of the sensor wire?
    The indoor sensors help averaging out the temp, does the external sensors change the algorithm also?
    I would also need to figure out how to conceal the wiring, so are there compatible wireless sensors?

    Humidify and Dehumidify control:
    Will this work with the new Magic Pak heat pump?

    Programmable Fan:
    Again, will this work with the new Magic Pak heat pump? and wouldnt the Heat Pump fan need to be a variable speed fan for this? [I cant figure out from the spec sheet]

    Do thermostats go bad? The Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 series seem to have a 5 yr warranty, while the White-Rodgers seem to have a only a 1 year warranty.

    Magic Pak specs at:

    The old thermostat is a Carrier branded Honeywell thermostat with this on the board:
    8626A T874R1384 - HH07AQ170 SA CLASS2 30V MAX LR1620

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    I've never thought much of remote sensors personally.

    The 8321 can run the A/C colder than you set it for if the humidity is above a set point. The W-R can trigger an add on relay to slow the blower in periods of high humidity. Normally this feature is meant for variable speed blowers but can be jury-rigged on a standard blower in a very humid climate.

    Programmable fan means the fan can be set up to run constantly in some periods and cycle in others. Works with any system.

    Stats do go bad. Most are made in a 3rd world country so the long warranty of the Honeywell is a plus. W-R stats have been reliable we've found.

    In your situation, I'd go the 8320 and forget the overcool to dehumidify.

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    Vision Pro hands down.The touch screen programing is so easy that my wife can do it. Most customers purchase a programable stat and then it is on hold temp because they can't remember how to change it.
    One big advantage is being able to program the fan to circulate, which runs the fan 30% of the time when the system is off. Evens out temps.
    There was a web site that had a demo that was interactive. I will look for it and post it.
    Menu driven programing. Don't need the instructions to do it.

    Westside mechanical

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