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    want to send hot water to my boiler from my modified wood stove

    Does anyone know the best way to send hot water from another source into the boiler water system (from hot water pipes wrapped around my wood stove my wood stove)?
    I have a wood stove and flew just a few feet away from my oil fired boiler. I desperately want to lower my heating bills this coming winter.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    an important thing to consider is the flow, or lack of flow you would have with the coils around your fireplace. i would say the simplest way to integrate your wood stove would be to pipe it in series on the return side of your boiler system.

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    Thanks Mahlv!,
    I need to educate myself in this area but if I may at this juncture ask a few more q's....what does in series mean? and is there a way to do this with out draining the system...and if I use lets say 3/4 id pipe will that be large enough to insure proper flow or are there other factors like...would i need a pressure release valve..?
    Your reply has encouraged me to start seriously researching this..Thanks, Paul

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    there are many variables to consider on something like this, if you are asking about 'what does in-series mean?', there is definitely a need for a pro to look at what you are trying to do there. check out some 'wood fired boilers' on google and see if you can download some spec sheets from a few manufacturers to give you an idea on controls and safeties utilized on them.

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    this is definitly something that should be done by a pro. if not designed and constructed correctly, it can be verry dangerous.

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    hi welcome to this forum ,
    this is a very good u find solution of u r problem.

    i see u r prob ,but i can't exactly what u want i think u should consult with u r friend s and family.
    Debra Fine

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    You are attempting to design something that can potentially be very dangerous. All boilers and pressure vessels have the recognition of certifying agencies. You are attempting to make a wood fired boiler. Wood fired boilers can be purchased and many qualified people are around that can install it for you. I would suggest you jump on goggle and check into these rather than attempt to build one. Your thought reminds me of still operators and many of those blew up. People that work with boiler wouldn't attempt to build this because we are aware of all of the safeties needed. Controls and otherwise. Do yourself and your family a favor, purchase an accepted product.
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