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Thread: Moral ?????

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    Moral ?

    I was reading the article "
    Cheap and free service calls aren't.
    -an editorial by Johnathan Youngs

    It makes sense to me. I can see a customer being upset at having to pay $125 to replace a fuse. So its better to say the blower motor is bad and charge $ make the customer feel better....but then the other side of this is the moral question of honesty vs. being a used car type of HVAC technician.

    So how do you all handle the profit vs. morality aspect of the job??
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    For me, morality is the key.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you !

    I treat all of my customers as if it were my own system.


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    I think this idea gets explained too dramtically. Say it is just a capacitor or a fuze. Well you should still be hooking gauges on, checking airflow, ect ect. by the time your done that customer for the most part should witness that you just didn't do one little thing. And many many many boneheads don't write an invoice explaining what they did, what they performed. Especially flat rate systems. Where it just says. "Repair/replace 30 am FLNR Fuze, or whatever. You get the idea.

    And. Many Many Many boneheads also don't engage the customer. You got to talk to them. I always ask, "When it was working before, was there anything you thought wasn't working correctly", stuff like that.

    And one thing I have a hard time following too, is that some customer's are just gonna be jerks no matter what.

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    I agree with Dow, when ya find something simple give the unit a total check out, nobody will complain.
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    This is just how it works. It does get frustrating dealing with it.

    You change out a 10 ton compressor and the quote is in the thousands. The whole time your doing it they are screaming "How much longer will it take?". The faster you get it done the better you are to them.

    Take the same customer and find/fix a problem with something simple that caused the unit not to work.They start screaming "You were only here an hour" " We shouldn't have to pay that much".

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    It's all in the presentation... Dice and Dow hit the nail on the head. How many callbacks are saved by doing the "whole" job the first time around?

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    Originally posted by hvac_czar
    It's all in the presentation... Dice and Dow hit the nail on the head. How many callbacks are saved by doing the "whole" job the first time around?
    What made the fuse blow??

    Morally?? Someone has this posted in his signature. "3 things will always rise, the sun, the moon and the truth."

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