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    Why is a trap important when install a conderser on the roof on a split system? I saw a trap middle ways down a system on top of a office building? I know it traps oil, but sooner or later the oil has to overflow..


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    Traps are suposed to aid in oil return to the compressor, the theory being that it provides a mid way point or step so to speak, for the oil to gather. The suction gas should lift the oil to the c/u or next trap. Although if not properly installed they just aid in restricting flow.

    IMHO The best and least used method for oil return to the C/U when it is above the AHU is a double riser piping set-up. York and trane both reccomend this on larger c/u's. I don't know about other manufactures.

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    Each mfg has a certain amount of oil return in the design of the system. You relly need to apply the instructions properly. Trapped suction lines are not recommended as often as you see them. Proper line size, airflow, and following the line length and hight guidelines will ensure good oil return. For instance I would not go applying Carrier's Long Line Guidelines to a Trane system, I would suggest looking in the Trane Installation instructions for the answer.

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