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    I have been looking to buy a multimeter for a while now, but I'm trying to get married so I'm on a tight budget.

    I've narrowed it down to one multimeter.

    The Fieldpiece LT17

    It has everything I need and I can pick it up new for under 100$.
    I really wanted the Fluke 87 but its way to expensive.
    Anyone have experience with Fieldpiece, especially the LT17, it comes with a AC clamp.

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    Good meter, really the only meter with the HVAC technician in mind.

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    Sun Valley, CA
    I have been using that meter and does what i need it to do. I just dont like the clamp that comes with it so i have the Fluke clamp meter 334.

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    Have one ..... the clamp is kinda hocky but at least you have it with ya. I have another clamp meter on the truck if I know thats mainly what I need before I go in the buildings. Your really in about the same boat anyway with the fluke 16 but with the Lt17 you do have the clamp in a pinch. Im not a real biggy on the little pieces of plastic that are where you attatch your leads, kinda get bent a little but its not a biggy. Its a pretty good meter all around. Too many dont have the micro -amps and you need it. mainly why I bought that meter.

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    try a pawn shop -- just get a cheap one for now -- then get the BEST --
    usually, the meters are used as indicators -- is there voltage? ~24v ~ 115v ~230v --
    -- is there contunity? don't worry that it is 1 ohm or 1.115 --

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