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    ok guys i am a hvacr tech who works on everything from domestic refrigs to million btu makeup air units and everything in between. so i have quite a bit of knowledge about what is available on the market.
    my situation is i have a 20 yr old heil 92 percent efi. furnace and a matching 8 seer cond. i have a 2000 sq ft. home with 20 inches of attic insulation, no sidewall insulation and 37 single pane windows. i am saving money up to replace my equipment and start remodeling. my question is with the upcomeing seer increase should i wait to replace my ac? i know that most manufactures will only have a minumum efficiency unit in a few months so they hopefully will be introducing more high end units (16-20) seer units. and hopefully these units will become more affordable. i live in southern iowa so we get some extreme cold and extreme heat. i am considering a heatpump with a fossil fuel kit. but i cannot find much info about the benifits of a more high end peice of equipment. cost to install versus utility savings. what do you guys have and recomend? brand and efficeincy and where can i find hard data on cost savings.
    my boss says 14 seer no heatpump, but i would like to try one so i have a referance when my customers inquire.
    one final note my utility company pays 100 dollars for each seer over 12 and an extra 200 for a hp. so this will help to offset the initial costs. also i can install it myself.

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    Former Iowan here...

    I'd certainly look at dual fuel. With the price of gas these days, Iowa's electricity is low, you would save a bundle. If the furnace is doing OK, you can keep it for now. Even with the $100 rebate, probably won't have a big savings going beyond 12 SEER though next year's 13 SEER probably won't be much diff than today's 12s.

    Get you a Vision Pro thermostat with outdoor sensor. It does your dual fuel controlling for you. Very simple.

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    If your going to go ultra high efficiency wait until next year, there will be a tax advantage for using energy star systems. Sort of like the tax break people now get for buying a hybrid car.

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