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    I have a stupid question. How do you guys make any money as HVAC Techs if you are on this board answering my questions all day? I have a job working on computers so I have an excuse. I don't imagine you are all carrying around laptops with wireless access from job to job. What's your secret I want in.


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    The weather has cooled down here in S.E. Michigan and so have the phone calls. I dont like it.
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    I think you'd be surprised at the amount of tech's that carry lap-tops (wireless coming in next).

    They are becoming an industry norm... then you have the salesmen that carry them, the designer's in the shop that use them, the product purchaser's using them, the payroll personnal using them, the installers... well they should be using them!

    Then as coolwhip has stated weather...

    Days off, sick days, vacation days, personnal days, etc, etc... the world is a very large place.

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    I have the luxury of being able to stop at home twice a day usually take a half hour breather and shower for lunch then back out but being that i love this place soooooo much i just seem to fit it in when i stop home

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    broadband -- always on, sometimes forget to logout.

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    Bought CLASSIC CAR,now I can get off EBAY and answer this stuff.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    check out some of "PAYSONHVAC"'s posts. He describes his mobile computering setup. He carries a laptop and a wifi antenna around in his service van, and gets onto the web from other people's wireless routers around town. Good way to kill time between calls when the dispatcher is ignoring you, especially if you are no where near home.

    I wish that I had a set up like that, but I am an installer mostly, and dont have as much downtime during the day....

    Some people just call in sick just to come and post on here all day......

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