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    Has anyone done this interface.

    Specifically Delta Controls ORCAview and ORCAweb to Power Measurement's ION Enterprise server.

    i want to read the data from the ION server ( which will be OPC ) into the BACnet system to do Power Demand Shedding.

    any feedback is appreciated.

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    I researched this about two years ago and the only product available then was from a German company MBS Software (

    The make a product called "Bacnet OPC Client" which will act as an OPC Client/BACnet Server.

    The company is connected somehow with Cimetrics.

    I never got around to using the product 'live' but it looked pretty good.

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    A quick search has also found Scada Engine ( They list a BACnet OPC Client as well.

    They are an Australian company so they must be good. (bias!)

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    thanks guys.

    the one that looked most promising to me was the cimetrics one ( as it closly resembles the windows style navigator the Delta controls used ).

    i'll probably talk to a company rep.

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    i'm going to try ausi scadaengine. looks very easy to set up and price is within range.

    thanks integrationx !

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    One of my fellow vars is currently using scada for an Asi system with some Johnson UNTs and a N30 on it, currently working fine, no problems.
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    Can you let me know how you get on?

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    it will be a few weeks before we start this integration. i will update then.

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    Hi all

    New to the group, we have used the Cimetrics OPC Bacnet server and their support has been very good.

    Having said that the original vendor (Daikin) was also very helpfull in providing test equipment as well.

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