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    A lump in my throat and now a tear has formed in my left eye. Thoughts of the Diceman sense of nostalgia coupled with his sensitivity and ability to form even a friendship with a snowman to share his beer with. Kind of "clutches" a guy doesn't it?

    Maybe that tear I had was Dice's story reminded me of tubing cutters, hand tools ect that I have had since the very beginning of my career and now have "vaporized" at the hands of rookies and employees.

    Good article!
    "The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

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    Ya I kinda got a lump in my throat thinking abou what dice was saying. I had the same tool belt for service for about 22 years but had to retire it being the leather was ripping and deterierating even tho it had been resewn many times. Never did find one quite like it and the new one still doesnt look all that worn after years of use. Funny how all the tools I got as an apprentice when I started got legs or worn out by apprentices. I had a bad habit of letting them use my older tools until I knew they were not going to be around. It sure wasnt that way when I started .....they took you down to the tool store and piled up the tools you would need and took the money out of your check weekly til they were paid for. Guess I was being too nice and ended up supplying hand tools for years.I guess I never really let it bother me too much but I did take a pair of hand tongs from an employee that had been with me for years and was quiting to go somewhere else. I wasnt trying to be an ass but they were the hand tongs that I started out with as an apprentice. When I took them back I realize how worn out they were and was supprised they he had never replaced them over the 14 years he had been with me (heck I had used them for years before he got his hands on them ) .Thinking about it I never remembered him buying anything but his tool belt. He was always digging through my old snips and tools to replace his things. I never had a problem with it being he was a great employee but I had a lot of others that walked off with tools that never deserved them. He was a little supprised when I wanted them back but I told him that they had sentamental value.....and they really did. I can look thru all of my tools and the ones I started out with are all painted the same metal flake color so I always knew which ones were mine. Everytime I grab one of those metal flake painted tools it brings back memories. Funny how thinking about old tools, old vehicals, old co-workers and companies in the past kinda bring a tear to the eyes. Kinda makes you realize how things change over the years and fly by so fast and you never really think about it just keep going on. Now someone brings up the memory of a tool belt and the memories of everything come flooding back. Good memories , bad memories it all there to realize how far you have come and how much you have been through. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME DICE , I KINDA FORGOT

    PS I do have tears in my eyes now.

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    Oh, just cause he feels naked if he don't have his man purse he has to carry a tool belt over his shoulder to fill the void. At least he don't wear it around his waste and look like Snyder.

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    Put some boot oil on that belt

    before you hang it up, and dust it off once a year.
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
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    Reminded me of my wooden toolbox I made. I retired myself from it, getting too hard to carry. The new metal box ain't doing so well, though, maybe someday pull it out of retirement.
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    Thanks girls.........
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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