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    i've got a carrier 38byc048310 with a bad air handler motor. Its one of those ge ecm motors. The ecm module blew on it and ive spotted some dirt cheap brand new complete ecm motors
    on ebay.

    I was wondering if the pinouts on the 16 pin harnesses are the same on all these motors. I know its a longshot but thought it
    was worth a shot.

    Just in case I can't find the correct motor is there a motor
    retrofit kit for carriers?

    Also, I was wondering if its possible to test the motors
    without using the tech-mate tester just in case I bought one
    as a backup and wanted to see if they sold me a good motor.

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    The moduals are programed different from 1 brand to the next.
    So I doubt they will work.
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    Every brand and every model within the same brand will have a different program.

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    to be more specific every model number has a different program. I wouldnt touch e-bayed ecm motors with a 10 foot pole.

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