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    Having radiant flooring placed using Wirsbo 1/2" pex and aluminum plates. Noticed that aome runs have been either repaired or Joined using wirsbo compression compression type fittings. Is this common and standard for workmanship in the trade. Just wondering

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    Yeah. I have did several systems with the compression type fittings and have not had a problem with one yet. I still do everything I can to not splice any piping that will be permanently covered up, but the fittings have held fine for us.


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    I've used those fittings also, and have never had a problem with one.

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    Thanks, I was hoping not to have any either. The ceilings their in are barreled and coffered, which I hope I will never have to repair.

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    Make sure the pex is pressure tested. Here in MI, I think it has to hold ? over night.

    ?= Darn, I forgot. Im going to have to look this up and get back to you. If only I could remember half of what I forgot..

    Also, if your useing the alum. plates make sure you follow installation guidlines or you will get an annoying ticking sound. This info can be found in the Wirsbo Complete Design & Assistance Manual 4th edition chapter 5.

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