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    Hello all. I am currently in the process of replacing my a/c with a 2 stage Trane package heat pump. The contractor is installing a roof duct to set the unit on. He says that he can do it without aroofer, but I am concerned because he will have to cut a hole in my roof over my den and I would lose a lot in case of a roof leak. Is this something a/c companies usually tackle on there own, and what steps should he take to make sure that it is done correctly? thanks for your replies.

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    He might have a roofer that subcontracts for him. You definatly need a roofer to flash it in correctly and give you a warranty against leaks.
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    No, they say they are doing it themselves. The salesman said that there is nothing to it, they just cut hole and slide the edges of the curb under the shingles and seal it up .

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    I've set 5 roof top package units in the last 2 months. You do not need a roofer, a Wonderbar will pull back the shingles without ripping them. If some of the shingles rip on the edges he can replace them. As far as the package unit, it should sit on an adjustable curb, I doubt anyone is still installing those spider looking stands. The curb itself has a "cricket" flashing that diverts water to the edges, and it has a smile hooked edge on the sides that catch water and lead it down the curb.

    You don't need a roofer, but if it makes you feel anybetter hire a roofer for a day and ask him to double check the roof for possible leaks. If the guy isn't experienced in these units he may peel back the shingles and tear them, but it can fixed. Roofers Tar or Polyurethane sealant can be used to water proof your roof.
    Also if you are that concerned, there is Moist Stop flashing, I believe its called Vechitane or Vichetane, very sticking tar stuff that works Gggrreeeeatt!

    Arizona son, if your house has a tile roof they need to clear out a section for the unit and replace it with comp shingles, but it is comp. then it is as easy and sliding it in.

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    Thank you diego. you gave me the explaination I needed. I now understand how this thing works and will let the contractor do his work.

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