Within the next week, possibly two we will be upgrading our site software. The newest version of VBB has a little different in look and feel. Do not be alarmed. It is an easy conversion and you will feel right at home within a few short minutes of browsing around.

This new version will give more capabilities to the Administrators and to the Membership. It will give the user, a way to change the way HVAC-Talk looks by changing colors and themes. More on this soon.

Once the main software has changed we will give you a chance to kick the tires before performing other upgrades. Yes, there will be many upgrades to the site via our Site Design Committee. User tasks such as adding an Avatar or how to post a picture and how to upload an attachment will soon be set to individual video links. A simple click and you will not only see but hear how its done.

Our Committees will be working on the site for several months not only with visual improvements but additional usage for new quick menus, Facebook links, tweeter and give our mobile users a better experience as well.

For the Professional Members there will be an Advertisement Global look up. This will be the only interactive multi-use global locator containing professionals of all matrix levels to our industry in the world today. There will be a form that our Professional Members will fill out and email to Admin. The contained information will be added to this Global locator. When a Guest needs a Professional in his area they simply zoom to their hometown and see who is close, view the information and click on your work website link or call the contact phone number you give. It will not be associated with your site user name.

There is a lot to discuss and many more changes to come. This will only be the beginning of a renewed Htalk experience for us all.

More on this as it becomes ready for view.